Mineral Fillers 
for Tissue Products

Omyasoft is a new filler concept for tissue grades. It preserves tissue softness and mechanical properties while also providing significant cost savings and a positive impact on production output and environmental footprint.

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A New Approach to Scale Down Production Cost 

Omyasoft is a mineral filler based on Ground Calcium Carbonate specifically designed for tissue applications. It substitutes virgin pulp while maintaining essential haptics and important technical properties. Characteristics such as absorbency, strength incl. wet strength and bulk, among others, are not compromised and meet customer expectations. Contrary to expectations, Omyasoft is perceived as a positive influence on tissue softness. Omyasoft also has a dewatering effect on the paper web that can result in energy cost savings.

How to Apply Omyasoft in the Tissue Making Process

Omyasoft can be incorporated into the tissue production process either in dry powder form, e.g. adding to the pulp refinement, or as a slurry incorporating it close to the headbox.

Omya specialists are available to consult on the best-suited product to meet your needs and assure a successful implementation in your production environment.
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Adding 2 - 4% Omyasoft to the virgin pulp does not impact mechanical properties such as paper strength, bulk, or specific absorption properties. Tissue grades made with Omyasoft remain within defined specifications while benefitting from additional features. 

Omyasoft Maintains Paper Properties

Softness is an important quality aspect, especially in facial tissue. Unexpectedly from a mineral filler, Omyasoft has shown a positive impact on consumer perceived softness without compromising strength properties.

Providing a Soft Touch

Partially replacing virgin pulp with Omyasoft significantly reduces fiber material cost, energy consumption for refining, and drying due to the dewatering effect.

Realize Cost Savings

When Omyasoft is used to replace virgin fiber the reduced fiber quantity diminishes stock preparation bottlenecks and refining energy demand. The additional dewatering effect of Omyasoft can also enable increased production line speed.

Benefit From Increased Line Output

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Learn How Omyasoft Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in Tissue Production

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Satellite Plants for On-Site PCC & GCC Production

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In addition to our wide range of Calcium Carbonate products, Omya offers a selection of complementary products for the manufacturing of tissue from leading suppliers of specialty chemicals:
  • Clays
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Dispersing agents
  • PVA
  • Other additives
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